Jedward in German Yeah! magazine (English)


Artikel aus “Yeah!” Deutschland, Nr.4, 2015 / published in “Yeah!” magazine Germany No.4, 2015


The crazy twins are always good-humoured!

— Friends and family —

Identical twins John and Edward from Ireland together form the music duo Jedward. The two of them were born in Dublin. They grew up with their parents John and Susanna (1) and their brother Kevin in a small town called Rathangan. Btw- John (2) is the “older” one of them. He was born 10 minutes prior to Edward (3). The two Jedward boys are always good-humoured and really funny. With the two of them you can have lots of fun. Because it’s always a cool time hanging out with them they’re really popular. John and Edward have a lot of celebrity friends. With their charming and witty nature and a little craziness the twins appeal to all stars/celebrities. They know and meet many other…

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