The Hot Press Readers Poll 2015

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Hot Press (a play on the Irish term for the airing cupboard) is a fortnightly music and politics magazine.  It’s been published in Dublin, Ireland, since 1977, and its annual, The Hot Press Yearbook, is recognised as the Who’s Who in the Irish Music Industry, with much anticipation as to who is and who isn’t in it for that year.

The magazine conducts an annual readers’ poll, “The Hotties”, and asks readers to nominate their favourites among many categories.  It’s a hotly contested poll, and to receive a nomination is itself of some prestige.  This year, John and Edward have been nominated in the best live act category, for their concert at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre, last October.

Voting is open to Hot Press members and also via Facebook account, with the winners being announced at the IMRO Live Music Venue of the Year Awards, this year held on Tuesday…

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