Jedward Release New Video featuring CBB’s Perez!



Pop-star twins, John and Edward Grimes, have released the music video, for their latest self-penned and produced single, “Make Your Own Luck”.

The track is the third to be released from their forthcoming album and is available to pre-order from iTunes.

The video sees the talented duo living two separate lives, Edward is rich, successful, and clearly popular, as he is seen being chased for a selfie by famous LA celebrity stalker, “Stalker Sarah”.


John, on the other hand, is seemingly down on his luck, living in a garage and forced to do menial tasks for cult comedian Margret Cho.


Meanwhile, the video being hilariously watched by Hollywood Blogger and UK CBB Housemate Perez Hilton.


Watch The video here:

Make Your Own Look by Jedward is due for release on the 30th January 2015, but you can pre-order on iTunes, 7Digital, and HMV online.

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