Spotify, Social Media and the Modern Musician

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prince-2014Prince has deactivated all his social media accounts, including removing much of what he has had on YouTube and SoundCloud.  His two most recent albums are still available to stream via Spotify.

The reclusive Purple Rain singer shocked his fans when he suddenly joined Instagram, Facebook and Twitter earlier this year, ahead of a series of concerts, so it’s no real surprise that he’s left as abruptly, especially considering his statement in 2010, that “the internet is completely over.”

It’s just the latest shot by artists to regain control of their intellectual property, which has seen Taylor Swift remove her entire catalogue from Spotify.  Conversely, Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl told Digital Spy:

“Me personally? I don’t fucking care.  That’s just me, because I’m playing two nights at Wembley next summer. I want people to hear our music. I don’t care if you pay $1 or fucking $20 for it…

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