Jedward Ferocious on VEVO!

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ferocious convertibleIt’s here! John and Edward’s beautiful new video for their song, Ferocious! After debuting at number 20 on the Official Irish Singles Charts today, the video (which became available to download on Wednesday) is now on Vevo.

If you’re in the US, don’t forget that every view counts towards the Billboard charts – so just watching the video on repeat means you’re helping John and Edward crack the US market.  Not only that, but fans in the UK can watch the video and “find” the song with Shazam – meaning that the video gets views *AND* it goes towards the Shazam Charts.

Additionally – don’t forget to listen (again in the UK) to the song with your streaming apps – 100 streams (with a limit of 10 per person per day) counts as one sale.

So – check it out!

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