Jedward at the Olympia: A Reply

Essentially Pop

John and Edward at OlympiaRegular readers of Essentially Pop will know part of our remit is to promote music that deserves to be heard. We have no preconceptions – we listen to all genres, we review each act on its own merits, based not on what we’ve heard, nor what we’ve been told. In other words, we aren’t swayed by popular opinion, which for the most part is a quite often a false impression put out by the media for whatever reason.  Essentially Pop is about the MUSIC.

We love John and Edward here, and a lot of the reasons above are why.  We believe they deserve to be heard, that the reputation they have, particularly in their homeland of Ireland and the UK is false and plays on something they were portrayed as five years ago, when they first appeared on the X Factor for a few short weeks.

We know how hardworking…

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