Jedward on LMFM

john and edward on LMFM2(photo credit LMFM’s Facebook)

John and Edward today visited radio station LMFM in Drogheda where they talked about their new song, Ferocious, and the meaning behind it.  The twins said it was about bullying, how you should not let others influence you, you should always be your own person, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Fans had come from all over to see the Dublin duo, including two who had flown over from Germany, ahead of Jedward’s three concerts this coming weekend, in Dublin, Drogheda and Castlebar.

The County Louth radio station was privileged to have the first worldwide radio play of the pair’s new song, which last weekend debuted on RTE’s The Saturday Night Show.

Very limited tickets are available for the concerts.  Ferocious is now available to download on iTunes, Amazon, HMV and 7Digital, ahead of its release this Friday, 24 October.

Watch Jedward perform Ferocious:


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