Jedward on Upbeat Radio 10/10/2014

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John and Edward were meant to speak on Upbeat Radio yesterday, but having only just returned from LA that morning, they were understandably suffering from Jedlag, and were asleep.  Upbeat nevertheless managed to get them on the radio today, and asked them about what they’re up to, and how they stay upbeat.  Thanks to Eileen for recording it:

Upbeat is a pop-up Dublin radio station streaming during mental health week, 6-10 October.  In the previous few months they conducted a survey to determine Ireland’s most upbeat songs, with Jedward’s Free Spirit coming in at number 5.

Upbeat operates out of St Patrick’s Hospital, serving the mental health needs of Dublin.  The hospital was founded in 1747 from money bequeathed by the estate of Jonathan Swift.

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