Six Degrees of Jedward

Jedward & friends

Five years in the recording industry mightn’t seem like a long time if you’re Paul McCartney or Robert Plant, but it’s been long enough for John and Edward to have met their fair share of celebrities and music legends.

Back when they were on the X Factor they were lucky to meet McCartney himself, who revealed that he was a fan, and who asked for autographs for his daughter Beatrice, and said the pair had a bright future ahead of them.

The Dublin twins count among their friends singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran, fashion legend Roberto Cavalli, and of course, actress Tara Reid, with whom they holiday when their respective careers allow.

They’ve also very famously met Barack and Michelle Obama, when the US President and his family visited Ireland.  Additionally they’ve met Katy Perry a number of times, and the Black Horse singer has given them career advice.

When Brandon Flowers and his band, The Killers, appeared on the X Factor final last year, Flowers walked straight up to the Brothers Grimes. Why? Because he had met the pair at the MTV EMAs the previous year, and they were the only people on the whole show he’d ever heard of.

The twins are very personable, but most importantly, they treat everyone with respect – and this is repaid to them.  Right now they’re in Los Angeles making music videos for their next three singles, and have called on some of their friends to cameo in them.  The first, Perez Hilton, recorded his on Friday.  Others whom Edward has said he’s lined up include Tara, and William Shatner.  Both Perez and Tara have been in Jedward videos before – Bad Behaviour for Perez, and Wow Oh Wow for Tara. It would be a first time appearance for Mr Shatner, but the three remain firm friends after following each other on Twitter last year, and meeting up this February.

John and Edward are the very epitome of Free Spirits – although their song was inspired by figure skater it could as easily have been written about the twins themselves.  They don’t let any barriers stop them. They are inspirational.  They are true artists with their focus on the prize. Paul McCartney was right.


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