Jedward Free Spirit


Jedward seen leaving the BBC radio two studio in London, UK. Photo credit: JustJaredJr
Jedward seen leaving the BBC radio two studio in London, UK. Photo credit: JustJaredJr

John and Edward should be very proud of themselves.

Name any other artist who:

Writes their own songs

Produces their own songs

Has their own record label

Storyboards their music videos

Shoots and directs their own music videos

Edits their own music videos…and THEN manages to get them to the number 1 spot on the iTunes music video charts in several countries, and top 20 in even more?

The twins have total creative control over everything they do – artistically gifted, they know what works well for them, and so they take their own photographs for magazine interviews and posters.  They do their own hair, makeup, and styling.  Their management is in-house, they are a small business.  They are astute businessmen, making connections wherever they go, and knowing who to call on when they (occasionally) need help with something.

This Thursday, having dropped the music video for Free Spirit on iTunes in the early hours of Wednesday morning, they flew to London and proceeded to capitalise on the fact that the video was doing so well.  Free Spirit reached Number 1 in Ireland and Finland, but also peaked at the second spot in the UK and Estonia.  In Sweden it reached number 5, and managed to get to 20th spot in the notoriously difficult market of Germany.  The twins took to Radio 2 and conducted interviews with various radio stations around the UK, including BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Radio Lancashire, and BBC Radio Kent.  After dropping in to We Love Pop Magazine, they then appeared on Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, entering the studio to the strains of Free Spirit.  How proud must they have been!

Friday they visited Starz TV, a satellite music channel, and took over their text request service.  From there they paid a call on MTV UK, no doubt to discuss getting their latest videos shown on the website of that channel.  The MTV EMAs are hosted in Glasgow this year, and so they chatted about those too.

Not bad at all for a duo with no big-money PR behind them!

Download the music video for Free Spirit from iTunes.  You can also get the single from there.


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