Jedward – Who Are They Really?

5 years of Jedward

Do you remember when John and Edward auditioned for the X Factor back in 2009?  They were a bundle of energy, bouncing onto the stage like a couple of energiser bunnies….

Or at least, that’s what everyone remembers.

Take a look at their actual audition video:


They’re a funny thing.  Sometimes you think you remember something clearly, but what you’ve remembered is actually a suggestion.

See, the thing is, we’ve been told that Jedward were a novelty act. And people believe what they’re told. But they never were. John and Edward were 17 years old, they’d dreamed of a pop career all their lives.  Sure they didn’t have to go on the XFactor to achieve their goals, but at the same time, they didn’t expect to go there and have the judges or producers, or whoever, make the decision that they were going to be a novelty act…

John and Edward are 23 next month.  Grown men.  They play instruments, they write their own songs.  They make their own music videos, they have creative control over every aspect of their career.  X Factor was 5 years ago.  They actually only spent a few weeks on the programme – it’s high time people forgot what they’ve been told about them and actually open their eyes to who they really are.

I’ve posted Free Spirit here a lot of times before, but I’ll post it again.  Watch it.  Think about it.  John and Edward wrote this song.  Listen to the lyrics – it’s about being different, living outside the box – being your own person – forming your own opinions about things.

Now tell me – Jedward. Who are they really?


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