Where to Request Free Spirit on the Radio (mostly UK but some others)

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5 years of Jedward

A number of radio stations have been very receptive to Free Spirit, with many adding it to their playlist, and more open to playing it when requested.

Here’s a small and by no means comprehensive list of stations who will play on request, and at what times, if applicable. Most are in the UK, but there are others who will also play it. Please let us know if there’s a station you know of which has either playlisted Free Spirit or will play when asked.

@6townsradio (@lloydofthedance) Andy Lloyd loves his “Jedward Army”!
@takeoverradio (download their request app, or request via Facebook or email  Text: “Takeover” followed by your message to 84555
@Lionheart_Radio (@Lewis_Denny – every second Friday morning, tweet him for details)

@Atlantic_Radio (anytime)
@NRG107FM (anytime – to make a request go to nrg107.fm and follow the prompts)

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