5 Years of Jedward!

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Today marks 5 years since John and Edward first appeared on TV screens in the UK TV show, “The X Factor”.

XF JedwardBack then, the twins from Dublin were 17 years old and had barely held a microphone.  Nowadays the pair are consumate professionals, writing and producing their own music, making their own music videos (from storyboard to final edit – and then distribution), and performing and touring.  They took over their management nearly 2 years ago and have seen their career change dramatically, from one which was Euro- (and largely Irish) centric, to now being known in every corner of the globe.

From Japan:

jedward JapanTo Singapore:

Jedward SingaporeFrom Canada:

Jedward CanadaTo Australia:

jedward australiaThey’ve met and been met by more people than you can name:

jedward-friends(these are only a few)

And have done more than in that time than most people could dream of…including:

Travelled all over Europe, performed on TV in Canada…

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