Meet Fiji Mouse!

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Have you met Fiji Mouse yet?

Fiji6Fiji (or FoFo or FiFi) is a Chinese Crested dog who lives with his humans, John and Edward.  His best friend is Blaze:

Fiji2…with whom he shares John and Edward’s love…

Fiji7Fiji5Fiji’s party trick is to stand on his back legs and open doors with his front paws.  Fiji has his own twitter account, and, as much as we may believe it’s “voiced” by John (or Edward…or both), Fiji maintains it’s actually him behind the account.  He’s a very clever dog indeed!

Fiji often has very important things to say, so if you don’t already have him on text alert, you should.  It goes without saying this means Blaze should also be on text alert.

Fiji Mouse recently featured in what must be the cutest video ever to hit the internet:

Followed by the second cutest!

 Fiji’s humans have a new…

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