Ireland’s Selection Process for Eurovision 2015 – Update

Eurovision Ireland

RTE - Eurovision 2015. Photo : RTE RTE – Eurovision 2015. Photo : RTE

Ireland’s selection process for Eurovision 2015. What will it be and when will it take place and how can you enter? With many sites posting that the details are confirmed we here at Eurovision Ireland have been inundated with thousands – and we mean thousands – of questions on how to enter.

It is safe to say that for some of the more vocal media sectors who knock the contest seem to be out of tune with what the public think about Eurovision. Despite Ireland not making the Grand Final of the contest this year, it is apparent that acts like Conchita Wurst and The Common Linnets have brought so many new viewers to the contest and can see what we already knew, that Eurovision and Eurosong are relevant showcases for musical talent.

Eurovision Ireland have received queries on how to enter the…

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