Jedward set to head off on holidays with ‘best friend’ Tara Reid 2/8/2014

Jed World News

John and Edward tweeted on Friday night about going on their now annual summer holidays with best friend, Sharknado star Tara had this to report about it:

Goss 2:8:2014 1Goss 2:8:2014 2Goss 2:8:2014 3Goss 2:8:2014 5Goss 2:8:2014 4Goss 2:8:2014 5John and Edward have a series of Irish concerts coming up in October, with tickets available from Ticketmaster.  So far we know about Dublin on October 24 and Castlebar on the 27th, but details of a third concert on the 26th will be coming out next week.  We’ll keep you posted!

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