Guilfest and Castlebar

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In a genius move by the twins, it was announced by the Royal Theatre Castlebar late yesterday afternoon that the Jedward will be performing there on October 27.  With the concert feted as being one to promote their new album, the news comes on the eve of John and Edward’s Guilfest debut.

Festival goers (apart from Jedward fans) won’t know what’s hit them when Jedward take to the stage at 2.45 tomorrow afternoon.  Even with three albums under their belt, the constant repeating of TV shows such as 8/10 Cats and Celebrity Juice means the general public in England has a very different view of the twins compared to what they are really like now.  In a way, this is a good thing, as they are still very popular.  In fact, a cursory glance at the “Guilfest” tag on Twitter this week showed at least 90% of tweets about the festival referring to Jedward – other acts performing at the festival have become very canny and started tagging the twins in, knowing what attention the name will get them.

Major Guilfest sponsor, Eagle Radio, this morning reported on the festival, featuring a quote from the twins:

‘They cannot wait: “The best thing about a festival is that it is not just you.

“There are a lot of different acts so you might catch up with different artists or meet new artists that you’ve never met before.

“You can get loads of new fans because people going to festivals aren’t necessarily all your fans.

“We have like three albums so we have a lot of songs to sing.

“We’re going to rock out and we might do some covers, maybe some of the biggest hits this year like Coldplay or something like that.” ‘

With their new album due out in September, one song that we’ll see performed at Guilfest tomorrow is Free Spirit:

Guilfest starts today, and continues until Sunday.  Tickets are still available on their website or at the gate.  The Royal Theatre Castlebar says to watch their Twitter and Facebook pages for further information as regards tickets for Jedward’s 27 October concert.


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