Jedward and Friends

We all know John and Edward are friends with Tara Reid, ever since their appareance in 2011’s Celebrity Big Brother, and we know the Dublin Duo made it a trio when they started a serious bromance with Ed Sheeran, renaming themselves, Jedsheeran…but did you know the twins also count among their admirers The Killers, Muse, and Jared Leto?

jedward & 30stm

Jared Leto confessed his love for the Twins in 2010, on UK station Absolute Radio, saying he thought the best thing about Twitter was it had helped him make friends with X Factor twins John and Edward Grimes.

Jared said:

One of the pleasures of Twitter is that someone introduced me to Jedward.

John and Edward recently told The Irish World, in anwer to the question “Nicest famous person that you know?”

“The Killers are really cool: it’s the groups you wouldn’t expect to be Jedward fans or be ‘accepting’ towards us that are.  We met them at the MTV European Music Awards one year, and then at the X Factor final.  The X Factor final was funny; they didn’t know anybody, just us.  Dermot O’Leary introduced himself to them, then they made a beeline for us – the familiar faces!”

jedward and brandon flowers

Still in answer to that question, the twins continued:

“Oh and Muse.  John actually arm-wrestled the drummer, that was also at the European Music Awards in 2012 or 2013”

The twins even tweeted about their meeting:


It seems other artists recognise in John and Edward something they can relate to, and it has earned the Dublin Duo a lot of respect.  The pair have written and produced their fourth album, due for release later this summer.  Check out “Free Spirit”, the lead single from the as yet unnamed album:

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