Jedward Speak To The Irish World



Popstar twins John and Edward Grimes, spoke earlier this week to The Irish World about their terrifying ordeal on the beach at Donabate, Co Dublin, explaining how they had to be rescued by the coastguard after taking an evening stroll with a young cousin.

The Free Spirit singers also told of they’re excitement to be playing at Guilfest next Saturday. Saying

“we can’t wait to show people what we can do”

Going on to explain that festival goers might be surprised at what they see as they won’t be jumping out at people with spikey hair, but instead will be treating the audience to a “cool and mellow” performance.

Speaking about the release of their forthcoming album at the end of the summer, the talented duo stated:

“Our music before wasn’t 100% what we wanted, but this album is 100% us”.

John and Edward’s first self written single, free Spirit…

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