Busy Bees

It’s certainly been a busy couple of weeks for John and Edward, starting with their harrowing beach experience, which saw them rescued by the Skerries Coast Guard.  The news broke in the Irish Sun newspaper late on the evening of 2 July, with the world’s media beating a path to their door the following day.  On the afternoon of the 3rd, they released the long-awaited video for their latest release, “Free Spirit”, which brought a fresh wave of media attention, this time of a more positive nature.

The Free Spirit video, shot on location in Wicklow and Rome, most notably features Powerscourt Waterfall, Ireland’s highest, and the Colosseum.  In an interview for Dublin’s RTE2fm, Edward said they researched film locations for the video, and spent a day in Rome, filming way into the night.  The video has been met with critical acclaim, and is now on both Jedward TV and Jedward Vevo, as well as sites such as Yahoo!.

The Twins spoke to BBC Radio Ulster’s Gerry Kelly last Saturday, about their helicopter rescue, as well as their music:

Wednesday night saw the pair present awards for Best Barber/Hairdresser and Best Restaurant, at 98FM’s “Best of Dublin” Awards:

98fm awards

They followed this yesterday morning by popping into the RTE2FM studios of the Breakfast Republic, where they spoke to Eoghan McDermott, filling in for the Republic Crew:

Jedward will be performing at Guilfest, in Surrey, England, on Saturday 19 July.  They hope while they are there to speak to Sir Bob Geldof about an idea for a charity concert, to raise money for the Irish Coast Guard.

Tickets for Guilfest are still available.  Free Spirit is available to purchase from digital download sites, including iTunes.


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