Jedward Are All Grown Up With A New ‘Free Spirit’

Eurovision Ireland

Jedward 'Free Spirit' - Photo - YouTube Jedward ‘Free Spirit’ – Photo – YouTube

IRELAND – Jedward are all grown up with their new ‘Free Spirit’ and I have to admit it that they may have gone flat. Just the hair mind you!

‘Free Spirit’ is the new song from the Brothers Grimes. The signature quiffs take some – though not all time off – in the video for their new song. Since their split from Manager Louis Walsh and Universal Ireland – one has to admit that the guys are seriously putting out some good music and videos themselves.

Dare I say it but ‘Free Spirit’ is far superior to their last Eurovision attempt ‘Waterline’. Since 2012 the brothers have been crafting their singing, guitar and songwriting skills. Compare ‘Free Spirit’ to their time on X-Factor and there is NO comparison. They have come a long way and regularly post live videos of themselves singing acoustically…

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