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Guilfest PosterGuilFest, is a music festival held in Stoke Park, Guildford, England each July. The festival features a range of genres including rock, folk, blues, and, more recently, pop. In 2006 GuilFest was awarded the title of “Best Family Festival” in the UK Festival awards.

This year it’s on 18-20 July with John and Edward performing on the Saturday, starting at approximately 2pm.  They’ll be on the Good Time Guide stage, and recently spoke to Get Surrey about what festival goers should expect.

“GuilFest is very exciting for us. We’re going to keep it real mellow. You know, stand still, have flat hair.

“Just messing. We cannot wait to rock it and go mental and Jedify Surrey.

“We know we’re not everyone’s taste but we hope the other acts will watch us and we’re really excited to watch them and hang out backstage.”

If you’ve not already got your tickets…

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