Jedward and the Xtra Factor


Recently it emerged that John and Edward had knocked back the opportunity to co-host the Xtra Factor.  Whether they were referring to a formal offer or a speculative phone call is irrelevant, what is relevant is the effect that committing to such a long-term presenting job, or any presenting job for that matter, would have on their musical career.

Xtra Factor is a long gig to sign up to.  It’s not just the live shows, but it’s the auditions, bootcamp, the Judges Houses – on top of the Live Shows – everything.  It might also be that John and Edward would never be asked to sing, or even be allowed to promote their album – because they’re not signed to Syco.  In fact, when they guest co-hosted Xtra Factor with Caroline Flack in 2012, this was exactly the case, they weren’t even allowed to mention Young Love, which was brand new at the time.

Additionally, it would set them down the path of presenters, whereas they’ve made it clear they actually want to concentrate on being serious musicians.  In their interview with the Irish Sun, published 22 June, Edward is quoted as saying that they’re  “free to go around the world to play and work on our sound”.  Signing up to any long-term presenting job would seriously limit their opportunites to do this.

Fans know how far the twins have progressed musically. To tie themselves down to a presenting job where they’d not actually be able to show non-fans the same, would be a retrograde step.

Jedward are set to perform at Guilfest on 19 July.  It’s a brilliant opportunity to show a completely different audience what they’re capable of – one which only knows them from what they’ve seen – or think they have – on TV.

Tickets for Guilfest are available from their website.

Free Spirit is available to purchase from iTunes, Amazon, and 7Digital.

Check out John’s cover of “Sky Full of Stars” by Coldplay:


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