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The June issue of Girlfriend Indonesia magazine features an interview with John and Edward.  For those of us who don’t understand Bahasa Indonesia, it’s been kindly translated for us by Jed_Kitty.  Thank you!


Jedward Girlfriend magazine translation

*note: actually i understand Malay, its about 80% similar to bahasa indon so bear with me, this is my best translation xD (i leave out all the english parts)*

We love these identical twins from X Factor 2009. In the midst of promoting their new material, John and Edward Grimes managed to take the time to do an interview with Girlfriend magazine.

Q: Congrats on your new single and upcoming album, Free Spirit. Other than writing this album for the first time by yourselves what else is different?

A: J-This album will show that we are still there for the Jedward fans

Q: What’s the best thing about working with your own…

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