FIFA World Cup – Jedward Style!

It’s all happening in Brazil, with the start of the FIFA World Cup tonight at 9pm UK time.  Expect lots of colour, noise, and a whole lot of fun.

All sounds very Jedwardy – and although the twins aren’t a part of the World Cup, they certainly have their own football connections.  Do you remember when they went to Germany to promote their concert at Dortmund Stadium?

twins in dortmund

And what about when they ambushed Wayne Rooney on a night out?

twins wayne rooney2

Who can forget Cheryl Cole – who was married to Chelsea player Ashley at the time – asking John and Edward at their XFactor audition “Where do you see yourselves in fifteen years?”

Cheryl Cole

John and Edward have one further connection to football – they sang Ireland’s unofficial song for UEFA Euro 2012. All proceeds from the sale of the single, released on 4 May 2012, were donated to Irish charity the ISPCC.  Let’s take a trip down memory lane (and weren’t their quiffs HUGE) and put our green capes on:


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