How To Request Songs on the Radio – A General Guide

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You’ll have seen our “Request Jedward” click-to-tweets on here, but there’s a whole lot of different ways to request songs you want played on the radio.  Some ways might seem obvious, but sometimes we forget there are places other than twitter.

This isn’t a comprehensive guide, there are probably even more ways we’ve overlooked, so please let us know if there’s anything you’ve found useful and we’ll add it!


M0st radio stations have websites, and often they have a contact form for requesting songs.  If so, follow the instructions of the particular website, as not all use the same format.

virginLook for a contact email address – This might be on the website (if in doubt, look for “program director” or “studio”).

Also look for a phone/text number.  In Eagle’s case (below) you have a “Jambuster” line to contact as well.



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