Siblings Of Pop

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To celebrate National Siblings Day, we at Essentially Pop, thought we would share some of our favourite siblings of Pop.


JedwardThe ultimate siblings of pop, twins John and Edward Grimes, first entered the public arena in 2009 when they appeared on X factor famously claiming that in five years time they expected to be five years older. Five years down the line, they are indeed five years older, but they also have three number one albums, two consecutive appearances at The Eurovision song contest, a few TV series and a performance for the president of America under their belts. it seems these phenomenal siblings are unstoppable, and with a new self penned album on the way, we are excited to see what the next five years have in store for them.

The Jonas Brothers

jonas-brothers breakupBrothers Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas first came together as The Jonas Brothers in 2005…

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