John and Edward – Style Icons

Far from fading into the background after X Factor 4 years ago, Jedward continue to keep the attention of the public. It doesn’t take too much to see just how much a part of the furniture they are in the UK and Ireland, for instance. A quick look at Instagram’s “Jedward” tag sees large numbers of people photographing themselves with spiked up hair, or dressed in shiny clothes, comparing themselves to the Dublin Duo. Twitter is the same – proving that the Twins are woven into the very fabric of society.

Does their stylish influence expand further than casual mentions though?

Jeds inspiring JaredJohn and Edward seem to be implying that they’re the reason Jared Leto chose to go with the white dinner jacket and red bow tie combo for last night’s Academy Awards.  They even went so far as to DM Heat Magazine to tell them they styled the 30 Seconds to Mars singer:


Okay maybe they’re just messing about Jared, but it’s not too to far a stretch to say that John and Edward HAVE been influencing the style choices of a lot of people in music and fashion in recent years.  Take their hair – sure, you can trace the ice cream quiff back to at least as far as Elvis and James Dean (probably further), but there’s no denying that in recent times, loads of celebs, from Justin Bieber to Miley Cyrus, have been trying on the “JedQuiff” for size.

And their clothing style is in a league of its own.  Not afraid to buy clothes from whatever store or department they find it, the Twins also put their own spin on their purchases by customising them.  Take these jackets, worn recently in a photoshoot for Australia’s Girlfriend Magazine, to which they added studs, spikes, and safety pins:

GF Mag photo

In short, what can be said about Jedward’s style is, no matter from where they’ve taken their inspiration, they’ve made it their own. They’re not afraid to let their personalities shine through, nor do they feel restricted to one look. They’re continually reinventing themselves, “changing it up” – and always staying ahead of the game.  Leaders, not followers, their style will continue to be imitated.


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