Jedward Treat Fans to a Photographic Feast

(adapted from the article in Fandoms Assemble Magazine)

Somerset House photoshoot

Jedward have been taking their fans on a trip down memory lane over on Facebook, treating us to beautiful photos such as the above, from a photoshoot at Somerset House.

Shot way back in 2009, it’s easy to imagine the Twins gracing the pages of fashion magazines, or strutting their stuff on the catwalk, should they have chosen to become fulltime models rather than popstars.

It’s a reminder that John and Edward have worked with a number of top photographers over the years, including Kai Z Feng, Lili Forberg, and Leslie Kee.  They were invited to Milan Fashion Week by Roberto Cavalli (September 2012) and were even part of DSquared2’s show, albiet as “paps” photographing the models, rather than gracing the catwalk.  This however saw them feature in UK Vogue:

John and Edward backstage at DSquared, MFW September 2012

Be sure to check out the rest of their photos on their Official Facebook page.

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