A very Happy Jedmas

I can concur! A show one could easily watch over and over again…and I did 🙂


Having just returned for the second time from Dublin, I can happily report that Jedward in Beauty and the Beast at the Olympia Theatre was a triumph.


The talented twins were on excellent form throughout, with witty banter, and wonderful musical numbers.

From a viariety of up to the minute covers to their own classic number Lisptick, the duo were note perfect.

The whole cast infact were outstanding as were the costumes and set.

You can next catch the twins on Thursday 9th January, when they are scheduled to make a guest appearance on Blue Peter (CBBC 5.30pm)

The 3rd season of their CBBC TV series Jedward’s Big Aventure is due to start on the 19th January.

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