Jedward Set their Sights on the World

John and Edward focus on the bright future ahead of them.If you live in the UK or Ireland, you might be forgiven for thinking that Jedward have dropped off the planet, as they’re not on the TV so much as in the past, nor are they played on the radio often here.  Visit other corners of the globe however, and you realise this is actually very far from the truth.

The Dynamic Duo from Dublin have just come home from a successful promo tour of Australia, where they are known primarily for their double-take on the Eurovision Song Contest.  The Twins performed in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney, as well as appearing on television programmes “Thursday FC” and “Studio 10“, and radio shows “Kyle and Jackie O” (formerly with 2 Day FM), SBS Pop Asia, and regional stations.    They also featured in top selling girls mag, “Dolly“, and were interviewed by newspapers and magazines across the country.

This was their third visit to the Land Downunder, and will by no means be their last, as they promised their audiences they hope to return in 2014.

They have also visited Canada, most recently in June, when they were guests at the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto.  The Twins are good friends of Much, and have appeared on the programme a few times over the past year.

But – it’s the places they haven’t visited where they are having the most impact.  The Twins have a sizeable fanbase in mainland China for instance, and are frequently played on the radio in Indonesia.  A tweet earlier today from South American radio station La Retro says that Jedward music will shortly be heard in Colombia.  They also have a following in Africa, where radio station The Beat, in Lagos Nigeria, has played their music on a regular basis.

It might not seem much, but let’s look at it from a different angle.  China and Indonesia are the worlds 1st and 4th most populous nations on earth, with 1.35 billion and 246.9 million people respectively.  Nigeria has a population of 168.8 million.  Colombia, Canada and Australia have small populations comparatively, with *only* 47.7 million, 34.9 million and 22.7 million…but collectively, just in those countries alone, the potential audience listening to Jedward music is a staggering 1.87 billion people…and that’s not even considering the rest of Asia, Africa, and Europe…check out this twitter account for a small sample of places over the world the Twins’ music is played!

It makes you think, doesn’t it!

John and Edward are currently back in their home town of Dublin, Ireland, where they are busily rehearsing for their panto, “Jedward in Beauty and the Beast“, which commences 18 December for a 36 show run.  If previous years are to go by, it’s going to be a sell-0ut event!  Tickets are available from the box office at the Olympia Theatre, and via Ticketmaster.


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