Back to the Future

Way back in 2010, while on tour with the XFactor, John and Edward recorded a little video.

It featured them singing to a backing track of  “Pop” , the first single from ‘N Sync‘s third album, “Celebrity”.  The Twins knew the song by heart, and it showed.  What it also showed was their talent for video making – this was their first foray into music videos, and it’s a very clever piece, even when viewed nearly four years later.

Videoed backstage in their dressing room, and later edited together to include the soundtrack recorded in their hotel room, plus photo stills spliced in from elsewhere, it shows a level of maturity and creative genius beyond what would be expected from the pair, still only 18 at the time.  With this in mind, it’s no wonder they decided that they were well capable of making their own music videos, the latest example of which is “Can’t Forget You”, the eleventh song from their third studio album, “Young Love“:


“Can’t Forget You” is also a very clever video.  Recorded in the El Mirage dry lake bed in California, the Twins called upon their extensive pop knowledge for the location, which features in the videos for both The Backstreet Boys‘ “Incomplete”, and Demi Lovato’sSkyscraper“.

Skyscraper     incomplete1


Not simply content to use same location, the Twins pay homage to both videos:


cfy1  cfy3There are some obvious differences between “Can’t Forget You” and the other videos. In the four years since “Incomplete”, and even the two years since “Skyscraper” were recorded, camera technology has moved on swiftly, allowing “amateur” cinematographers like John and Edward to produce quality videos indistinguishable from those of acts with budgets way above theirs.  The Twins also make use of the light and colour of the location, as well as camera techniques such as panning, close up and wide angles.  They additionally play with shadow and contrast, with even their outfits befitting the location.  As can be seen, technology is nothing without talent – the proof of which very evident in “Pop”, recorded on a borrowed laptop.

Jedward are currently working on an album of self-penned songs – if they make music videos of similar (or even better) quality for each of these, then the future is very bright indeed.  Surely world domination is within their grasp.


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