Jedward Show Concern

Mention Jedward and what do you automatically think of? High hair, high energy, singing, dancing, Eurovision…

All true. But did you know John and Edward devote a lot of their time to supporting charities? In researching this blog piece I’ve been astounded at how much the Twins have done since their time on the X Factor 4 years ago. That year, 2009, saw them perform with the other X Factor Finalists on the Charity Single, “You Are Not Alone”, to benefit the Great Ormand Street Children’s Hospital.

And of course, their charity work hasn’t stopped there! Every year since 2010, the Dublin Duo have worked with BBC charity, Children in Need.  Additionally they have supported Comic Relief, Sports Relief, and Text Santa, all in the UK.  Known animal lovers, in their native Ireland they have supported the Dogs Trust and the ISPCA.  They have also been a proud part of the ISPCC’s anti-bullying campaign, and have additionally supported Irish Children’s Charities by being part of the Cheerios Childline concert in 2011 and 2012, as well as visiting children at Temple Street Hospital for the past few years, for TV show Ireland AM.

There are many other charities they have supported, but the one I’m going to talk about now is Concern.  John and Edward, who are currently on tour in Australia, are participating this year in the Concern Fast, raising money to help stop child malnutrition.  On Thursday 28 November, the Twins will each be fasting, with John foregoing food for the day, and Edward living on what he can purchase for only €1.  They have a fundraising page with a target of €1000. Please help Concern and the Twins reach this target by going to their sponsor page and making even a small donation.

Here’s a video the pair made about their fast:


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