Review: Can’t Forget You – Jedward

John and Edward Grimes are two very talented young men.  Although known primarily for their singing and television appearances (the pair have three platinum selling albums and have appeared on numerous television programmes, as well as hosting several of their own, most notably IFTA-nominated “OMG Jedward’s Dream Factory” for Irish broadcaster RTE, and “Jedward’s Big Adventure” for CBBC in the UK), they have in fact many strings up their (5th grade violin) bows.

One such string is video making.  They decided early on after the release of their third album, “Young Love“, that all the songs were suitable for videos, but discovered that standard record company practice was to release only three music videos per album.  This didn’t deter the Twins, who went ahead with their plans anyway, independently of their then record company.

Having several years experience making videos for their popular YouTube channel, “JedwardTV”, the pair set about their task early last year, and so far have made eight of the nine videos for the album (The video for “Luminous”, was made by their former record company).  The latest video, for their song, “Can’t Forget You” was released yesterday, and was videoed, directed and edited by the Twins.

Recorded in the El Mirage dry lake bed in California, the video sees John and Edward singing and dancing in various locations, most notably in front of a disused petrol station and in the middle of the salt flat. The production values of this video are top notch, using different cinematographic techniques, including panning, zoom, close ups and distance shots.  They have come a long away from their first music video, “Lipstick”, which was videoed in Paris in February 2011.  The El Mirage dry lake was the perfect choice for the video, with the colours and scenery perfectly complementing the Dublin Duo.

Watch the video here and judge for yourself:

Jedward are currently on tour in Australia, their first outside Europe.  They performed at Perth’s Regal Theatre on 23 November, and have two further concerts, at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre on 30 November, and the Enmore Theatre in Sydney on 1 December.  Limited tickets are still available from Ticketmaster (Melbourne) and Ticketek (Sydney).


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