JEDWARD : And People Said They Couldn’t Sing!

As always, a brilliant article by Garrett.

Eurovision Ireland

Jedward – twice Irish Eurovision representatives (2011 and 2012) – have found that they have fans and detractors in equal measures. Those who have not been their fans have always cited their lack of singing ability and placed their Eurovision success on their backing singers – something we have always refuted.

John and Edward have decided to strip back to the bare essentials – steady on Jedheads – and have uploaded an acoustic video of just John and Edward singing One Direction’s new song “Story Of My Life”. Furthermore John is playing the guitar.

They have certainly come a long way since X-Factor and I am sure that many will have witty comments to make about the guitar playing and singing, but we are coming into pantomime season so let the villains have their moment. For everyone else you have to ask yourself if One Direction would do a single…

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