Brush Up Your Shakespeare

John and Edward have been in Stratford-upon-Avon the past two days, filming the latest episode of their hit CBBC series, “Jedward’s Big Adventure“.  The Twins have visited the  Royal Shakespeare Company, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Mary Arden’s Farm, Nash’s House and his birthplace.

“Jedward’s Big Adventure” sees the Twins, each accompanied by a celebrity friend, visit historic locations around the British Isles, learning enough facts to be able to conduct a tour of the site.  The tourists are then quizzed on their knowledge, and the team with the most correct answers wins a prize…the loser has to pay a forfeit.

Seems they had a lot of fun:

John having a ducking good time in Stratford-upon-Avon recording Jedward's Big Adventure.

Edward horsing around on the set of Jedward's Big Adventure in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Jedward’s Big Adventure is ten episodes long this series, as opposed to the five episodes of each of the previous two. So far they have visited a working farm in Shropshire, Historic Bath, The Giant’s Causeway, Hampton Court, Blackpool, and now Stratford-upon-Avon…where next for the Dynamic Duo from Dublin? Watch this space!


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