Lights, Camera, Action, Let The Adventures Begin

“Come with us there’s so much to discover, a crazy adventure with me and my brother! We’ll dig up things that’ll freak you out – it’s Jedward’s Big Adventure!”


Pop Twins, John and Edward Grimes, AKA Jedward, flew from Dublin to Birmingham yesterday evening to begin filming the third series of their BBC TV show Jedward’s Big Adventure.


We will, once again, have the joy of seeing John and Edward compete against each other, in the roles of hilarious and informative tour guides, as they show a group of young people around selected tourist hot spots. The series has proven so popular that there will now be a bumper ten episodes, instead to the usual five, with a location in Ireland included for the first time.


The duo are set for a week of filming before heading off to Australia to promote their upcoming Tour in late November and early December.

Then it’s straight back to the UK for a six dates tour across England and Wales.

Visit JedwardGenius for information on venues, dates and tickets

Jedward at…

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