John, Edward and Lyndsey

Lyndsey Parker from Yahoo Music! has been a fan of John and Edward since their time on the UK’s X Factor, and has followed their career closely.  She has always championed them, most famously in her interview with Simon Cowell in February 2012:

REALITY ROCKS: So I know you are recasting “The X Factor,” and word is you’re going to have two hosts, not one, next season. Can I make a suggestion for who you should hire?

SIMON COWELL: Sure, go ahead.


SIMON: [Laughs] Brilliant! You know what, Lyndsey? Stranger things have happened. That is a very, very funny suggestion. I am thinking about it…they are hilarious, those two. What started off as a joke…I mean, my God, the joke’s on us now! These guys are now multimillionaires. That is a very funny suggestion; I will genuinely put that in the pool. And if it happens, I will give you credit.

So – given that, it should come as no surprise that when she spoke to the Twins yesterday, it was a brilliant interview.  John and Edward touched on such subjects as their upcoming Australian tour, their new album, Eurovision, and the third series of “Jedward’s Big Adventure” for the BBC. They revealed they will start recording for it September 9, with this series including not just locations in the UK, but also in Ireland.

Watch it here (thanks to @RusJedward):

Jedward are touring the UK 24-30 September. Information regarding tickets is available from their website.  They are touring Australia, their first outside Europe, 23 November-1 December. Tickets are available from Ticketek and Ticketmaster.


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