Engelbert Humperdinck – Jedward Fan

John, Edward and Enge
John and Edward met Engelbert Humperdinck last year when all three performed at Eurovision.

Last year Leicester‘s favourite son, Engelbert Humperdinck, met up with John and Edward Grimes, collectively known as Jedward, when the three represented their home countries in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Engelbert was struck by the Twins’ tenacity and drive, and on 20 June last year tweeted, “I really enjoyed meeting them. They have a bright future ahead.”  A week later he tweeted, “I dont think that they need any tips. They are doing just fine!”

On hearing the news that Jedward are going to be performing in Leicester at de Montfort Hall (25 September), Enge responded, “Im sure they will delight my home town!  Break a leg Boys!”

Watch this video of when Enge met John and Edward (much thanks to Enge’s son Scott for uploading it):


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